Skills a Graphic Designer should have

  1. Visual Ideation

As a graphic designer, you should have the ability to generate creative design ideas and visually present it through sketches or drawing.

2. Aesthetic Design Sense

This sense may be partly inborn and partly learned. You may read through magazines, books and websites with different design to enhance your aesthetic design sense. It is an essential skill to differentiate yourself with the non-designers.

3. Typography

Typography is a special skill of graphic designers. It is about the balance between types. You should learn the basic of good typography. It is also a skill that make or break a design.

4. Design Software

knowledge of design software is essential of a graphic designer nowadays. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign are must-known design software. It is worth to spend time learning the in and out of them.

5. Web Design Software

Although web design may not be a must have skill of graphic designer, it is worth learning. Nowadays, so many jobs require web design knowledge. It’s better to know at least the basic of it.

6. Color Theory

Color is an essential part of a design. Different colors generate different feelings. Colors affect the perception of target audience. It is a good skill set of a seasoned graphic designer.

7. Communication Skills

Apart from design skills, communication skills are essential as you have to clearly communicate your ideas to clients or bosses. And it is also about knowing what your clients need.

8. Networking Skills

This is an important skill other than design skills. You may get works from networking. You may get news and knowledge through networking with other designers.


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