Graphic Design Principles and Elements

In good graphic design pieces, there are some basic principles inside. Like any other disciplines, there are some rules that make a good design. There are no standard principles, but there are some common rules. Different people have different interpretations on them.

Here’s 5 commom principles:

1. Proximity

Proximity means the relationship between related and unrelated design elements. The related elements should place closer and the unrelated elements should be apart. It makes the layout easier to understand.

2. Alignment

3. Repetition

4. Contrast

5. White Space

“Whether you’re designing a logo, an event announcement, a social network banner, a letterhead, or an email newsletter; you absolutely need to know five basic principles of graphic design. Graphic designer and best selling author Robin Williams explains these principles in her classic book, The Non-Designer’s Design Book…”

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Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill. Society cares about the way things look, and there is a constant need to produce high-quality design, whether it’s for advertisements, websites, logos, videos, banners, or web content. You don’t need to be a pro-designer to create highly shareable content—especially when adding design elements to photos you already have is as easy as a couple taps on your phone…” 

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“What does the 6 stand for in j6 design? Answer: the 6 fundamental principles of design which are: balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space. Lets look at what each does…”

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“will take a look at the principles of design, which are very important to know because they’re what separate the good designers from the amazing designers…”

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For graphic design, there are some elements make or break your design. Learn the basics and utilize theme properly in your design.

And here’s 5 common elements:

1. Line

2. Shape

3. Color

4. Space

5. Texture

“There are in total six elements of a design which you need to be aware of: the line, the shape, the color, the texture, the value and the space…”

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“Creating beautiful design is about more than inspiration or a great idea, it’s about understanding the fundamentals of the subject. Although it’s possible to spend years studying the nuances of design and the many varying takes on how to be successful at it…”

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“Design elements are the basic units of a painting, drawing, design or other visual piece[2] and include…”

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“The Elements of Good Graphic Design are the components or parts of a work of art or design.  More simply put, they are the ingredients of art…”

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Book Recommendation:

The Elements of Graphic Design

ISBN-13: 978-1581157628

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