8 Websites to Learn Graphic Design

Do you want to learn graphic design? The obvious option may be going to school. But how about learn it yourself? It is possible with so many qualified resources on the internet, both free and paid. Below is 8 websites I found useful:

  1. Tutsplus.com (free+paid)

Tutsplus is a sophisticated tutorial website for a long time. They have several categories of tutorials such as design, code, web design and business. They have a large number of free tutorials and paid courses. The subscription of paid account can also download 720,000+ unlimited digital assets.


2. Skillshare(paid)

This website contains tons of video tutorials ranging from design to business. You can find some pretty cool graphic design related tutorials here. The price now is US$15 per month.


3. tutpad.com(free)

Tutpad is a rather new tutorial website with free courses and tutorials. (seems it will be substituted by other forms)


4. lynda.com(paid)

This website is now run by linkedin. They have an extensive library of courses including graphic design classes. You can enjoy the first month subscription free.


5. Digital Arts(free)

This is a UK website containing mainly digital art related tutorials which are free. The website also have other digital art information such as news and reviews


6. Udemy.com(paid)

Udemy contains tons of courses. They are sold courses by courses. You can find some in-depth design courses here.


7. lifewire(free)

This is a website with lots of different topics. Most of them are in the form of articles. There is a section devoted to graphic design.


8. Spoon Graphics(free)

This is a blog run by an individual. There are some design tutorials and also freebies and resources.


Hope you find those websites useful!

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