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October 2018

Graphic Design Principles and Elements

In good graphic design pieces, there are some basic principles inside. Like any other disciplines, there are some rules that make a good design. There are no standard principles, but there are some common rules. Different people have different interpretations on them. Here’s 5 commom principles: 1. Proximity Proximity means the relationship between related and unrelated design elements. The related elements should place …

8 Websites to Learn Graphic Design

Do you want to learn graphic design? The obvious option may be going to school. But how about learn it yourself? It is possible with so many qualified resources on the internet, both free and paid. Below is 8 websites I found useful: (free+paid) Tutsplus is a sophisticated tutorial website for a long time. They have several categories of …

8 Inspirational Websites for Designers

No doubt the internet provides tons of inspirations for designers. Do you know where to find high-quality design references? Below are 8 of them: Behance Behance is owned by adobe now. It is an online portfolio for design professionals including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators etc. You can find high-quality design works here.   2. Dribbble Designers at dribbble share shots …


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