What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the combination of text and images to deliver messages to the target audience. The term “graphic design” was coined by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922. It is also called visual communication. Photography, illustration and typography are the common elements used when doing graphic design. Common uses of graphic design include corporate identity design, editorial design, environmental design, advertising design and packaging design. Graphic design can be divided by some categories such as logo design, flyer design, poster design, business card design etc. Examples of graphic design include as small as a postage, and as large as an outdoor billboard.

The form of graphic design is not limited to physical goods such as a flyer, it can also be digital such as a banner on a website.  Graphic design can also be for many purposes such as commercial, educational, cultural, or political. Good graphic design is about the balance between graphics, images and texts. Elite graphic designers make harmonious layouts with minimal elements.

平面設計是混合文字與圖像傳送訊息給目標群眾。”Graphic Design”一詞是1922年由William Addison Dwiggins製造的,平面設計也稱視覺溝通。平面設計常用的元素有相片、插圖和文字。平面設計包括企業識別設計、編輯設計、環境設計、廣告設計和包裝設計等。平面設計的分類包括商標設計、傳單設計、海報設計、咭片設計等。平面設計的例子小至郵票設計,大至戶外廣告板。平面設計的形式不限於有形物件例如傳單,也可以是網頁上的橫額。平面設計可有多種用途例如商業、教育、文化或政治。好的平面設計是在於圖形、圖像與文字的平衡。出色的平面設計師以最簡約的元素製作和諧的設計佈局。

Other Resources:

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms…”

– more from AIGA

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typographyphotography and illustration…”

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Most people have a vague idea of what a graphic designer does. Creating logos for businesses? Fixing up images in Photoshop? Making magazine ads?…”

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Graphic design basically is visual problem solving using text and/or graphical elements. Your aim is to create something that is pleasing to the eye, and gets the attention of the viewer…”

– more from a Digital Dreamer

Why Do We Need Graphic Design?

Now we know that graphic design is the combination of text and images to deliver messages to the target audience. It is visual communication. For example, without graphic design, we can’t distinguish between brand A potato chip and brand B potato chip because they fail to deliver their unique features through their design. Graphic designers inform, persuade, direct, organize and attract attention with their designs to communicate messages. Graphic design is not just about attractive appearance, it needs to convey the right message in the right way to the right audience effectively. An experienced graphic designer has these skills.




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